Welcome to Bunliang's Thai Massage in Teublitz


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We offer in our new premises a traditional Thai massage. Our masseuses trained in Thailand and have the appropriate certificates.

The traditional Thai massage from the temple Wat Po in Bangkok looks back on a long tradition and has its origins in India.
The founder is considered the personal physician of the Magadha King Bimbisara, who lived in northern India more than 2500 years ago. Presumably, the traditional massage techniques were brought simultaneously with Buddhism, which originated indeed in India to Southeast Asia.

The traditional Thai massage assumes that extend invisible energy pathways in the body, of which the ten Sen are particularly important. On them are important acupressure points that are included in the medical treatment and on the prana, the life force, is activated. Despite similarities with the traditional Chinese medicine, based Thai massage but mainly on the Indian tradition.

The traditional Thai massage is not relaxing the muscles in the foreground, but the processing of the energy body.

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